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  • Switching to ENSTROGA
    • > How can I become a customer?

      You can join ENSTROGA quickly and easily online. Just get a quote on our website, choose your tariff and give us the details we need to set up your account.

    • > How does the switch work?

      Once you have completed the online ordering process, we will arrange everything else. The switch is free of charge and usually takes no more than five weeks. In the meantime you will continue to receive electricity and gas as normal.

    • > Why should I switch?

      We offer customized and competitive rates that help you save on energy bills. The switch is quick and easy, without all the annoying paperwork. Everything is handled online, including your contract documents and questions about your electricity and gas usage. Of course, you can also contact us by email here. or call us Monday- Friday between 8am-6pm at 01158572572.

    • > Who can switch?

      Anyone can switch to ENSTROGA. This does not only apply to the owner of the property, but also to all tenants who have their own meter. If the contract is signed in the property owner’s name, you’ll need to contact them to ask for the latest invoice.

    • > Will I be without energy during the switching process?

      No, you will continue to have electricity and gas as normal during the switching process.

    • > What happens after switching?

      As soon as we have received a confirmation of your date of delivery, we will contact you via e-mail with all payment details.

    • > Do I need to tell my current suplier I'm switching?

      Don’t worry, we’ll take care of the whole switching process, including getting in touch with your current supplier. But you might want to check your ongoing payments with your old supplier. Most customers decide to cancel their standing payments order once we get in touch with them to ask for their meter reading, just before we start to supply their energy service.

    • > What happens if my request to switch is rejected?

      If the switch is rejected, we will get in touch with you to verify your data and explain how to begin the process again. There is a possibility that this will cause a delay to your date of delivery and the supply could start a little later. We will do our best to make the process as smooth as possible.

    • > How can I check my current tariff?

      Check any of your recent invoices and you’ll find your current tariff indicated at the top.

  • ENSTROGA customers
  • About ENSTROGA
    • > What do you promise?

      At ENSTROGA we promise certain guaranteed standards of performance to our customers and the promise to always go above and beyond them. You can get more information about these standards here.

    • > How do you source your energy?

      We currently offer the following fuel mix for all our tariffs:


    • > How do you investigate the theft of energy?

      ENSTROGA takes energy theft very seriously. We will investigate all evidence of theft according to industry regulations, while also keeping in mind the needs of our most vulnerable customers. Please read our Theft Charter here.

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