If there’s one thing that motivates us every day, it is knowing that consumers deserve cheaper energy and much better service.

Since the opening up of the UK energy market consumers have suffered from the double whammy of uncompetitive prices and bad service from the Big Six and a confusing and often shady approach to tariffs and transparency from smaller, independent suppliers. We are here to change that.

ENSTROGA belongs to a large, Europe-wide energy group, but we’re an independent supplier, which means we can offer the best of both worlds: the cheapest prices on the market alongside a people-first approach to business, meaning that every customer is valuable to us. At ENSTROGA we are quick, flexible and always on your side.

That’s what we call Energy for Life.

ENSTROGA was established with the objective of supplying more affordable electricity and gas to the energy market, as well as a greener and more sustainable approach. Since then we have grown into one of Europe’s top independent energy suppliers, serving hundreds of thousands of customers throughout the continent.

ENSTROGA has now arrived in the UK with the mission of bringing the same expertise and know-how to consumers looking for a better alternative to the big suppliers. Our experience in the electricity market means we can negotiate better prices for our clients and deliver a dedicated service that sets us apart from other suppliers in the market.

ENSTROGA stands for electricity and gas at affordable prices. We believe that energy should be better, in terms of pricing, service and flexibility. Join us and discover how much you could be saving today.

Our experience saves you money

Our experience in the European energy market means we can negotiate better prices from providers, which means cheaper energy for you. Get a quote now and discover the best tariff for your lifestyle.

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We make it easier

At Enstroga we guarantee flexible and personalised customer service, which means we’ll take care of you during every step of the switching process. Discover how to switch to Enstroga and save up to £280 on your energy bills starting today.

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Now launched in the UK

Looking for cheaper energy and a reliable and transparent service? Find out how the Enstroga family is shaking up the energy market around Europe.

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