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A tariff to suit your needs

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We don’t offer lots of confusing tariffs, or different prices for different customers, just better energy at great prices to power your life.



  • 12 months fixed rate
  • Monthly Direct Debit
  • Exit fee: £35
  • Unit Rate p/kWh: 14.92
  • Standing Charge p/day: 15.33
DUAL Platinum


  • 12 months fixed rate
  • Monthly Direct Debit
  • Exit fee: £35 (per fuel)
  • Electricity Unit Rate p/kWh: 14.42
  • Standing Charge p/day: 15.33
  • Gas Unit Rate p/kWh: 4.07
  • Standing Charge p/day: 23.50
Energy price cap


  • Standard variable rate
  • Monthly Direct Debit
  • No exit fee
  • Electricity Unit Rate p/kWh: 16.17
  • Standing Charge p/day: 21.40
  • Gas Unit Rate p/kWh: 3.66
  • Standing Charge p/day: 25.82

Price shown for East Midlands. Price can differ per region. Price for current average usage figures i.e. 3,100 kWh (electricity), 12,000 kWh (gas).
*Price incl. Online Only Discount: £12.00/year.

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